When a play becomes a book

I started writing plays after I retired. I had no connection with any theater and so it was not likely I’d get produced. But high schools liked my plays. One has been done by amateur groups around the world. That was around twenty years ago. That play is still done here and there. High schools like plays with large cast.  That’s because for every student in the play there is a mom and dad, an aunt and uncle, cousin, neighbor, friend that will come and pay to see the play.

  “The Wedding of Ollie Bear.” would have a large cast, and it would end with students dancing on the stage. I thought that would be fun for a high school. It was a Science Fiction and the story involved scenes which I did not think a high school could handle. Still I had a story to tell, so I decided to write a book. That was harder than writing a play, but finally I finished it.  It was a novelette.   It had a definite end, but I thought it really could go on. So I wrote the sequel “Ollie’s Big Belly.” Writing this went a little easier for me. But again I thought there should be a little more to it. So I wrote “Ollie, Ollie Over”. I really had no more story to tell so this sequel was hard to write. I went off in one direction and another, brought in new characters and with another version dropped or merely mentioned them This sequel was only about twelve pages. So now it along with “Ollie’s Big Belly,” had to be only chapters in “The Wedding of Ollie Bear.”

        Along with my other book “The City of Saint Paul Dog Ordinance” I have the original version of it on Kindle. The complete version I’ll have later. You can read my plays at my web site  www. doaplay.com.  Picture is from about twelve years ago