Is heaven really heaven?

Astronomers say there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth. If only a few had planets, that still means there are trillions of them. And if just a few have conditions that support life that means there are trillions of them as well. Add time to this, trillions of light years in the past and in the future and the likeliness of earth like planets with earth like people and an earth like history is a hundred per cent.  On these planets human would have the same DNA combinations as we have. So because DNA identifies who a person is, that person could be on those planets as well as on earth at the same time or maybe three billion years later. In a sense each person is a model produced by evolution and the continuing production of humans. This means you’ll never die in the sense of die forever. This would fulfill the promise of everlasting life. But if you don’t remember your past life, is heaven really heaven?

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