Ollie Bear

My other book is called “The Wedding of Ollie Bear”. It really isn’t about her wedding. It’s the reason the two sisters, Karen and Roxanne drive up to northern Minnesota where they encounter five aliens from the planet Pallion. One is just a boy, and he is the reason they have come here. I took… Continue reading Ollie Bear

Walking by the playground

When you walk by a playground, it will be empty unless there is a little league playing. Neither boys nor girls get up games on their own. So while organized sports are highly praise for building both skills and character, one thing it doesn’t do is build initiative. Adults decided where, when and how they… Continue reading Walking by the playground

To end abortions – 2

By developing the technology to transfer a fetus to an incubator where it would be nourished and grow, we can end abortions. It might seem to be far fetched, but it isn’t anymore than once was a heart transplant. I am surprise or maybe just uninformed that this solution isn’t already in the works. Why… Continue reading To end abortions – 2

To end abortions

Why not end abortions by employing medical technology? Today doctors can remove and replace hearts, livers, kidneys, eyes and you name it. They could remove an embryo, fetus or even a more developed baby and place it in an incubator to become full grown. This would be a big investment; first to develop the technology… Continue reading To end abortions