Algorithm Man

Algorithm Man

One Act


Narrator…..male or female, any age but older than Thomas.

Thomas….. in pajamas; could be Susan, teen age or younger              

The Set

 A refrigerator surrounded a darken stage. A light is on the narrator as he walks on. He stops to address the audience.


        The mind: we all know that the mind is a logic machine. There is no better word for it. Our actions aren’t haphazard or directed by a desire, emotion or fear. Our actions are the result of a deductive process where often an algorithm is used.

          The stage lightens and Thomas enters. He is sleepy.

          Ah, there. Sensation hunger; object eat; food in kitchen: use hand pull covers aside, lift legs, swing legs off bed, put feet on floor, unbend knees,  lift right foot, move foot forward, put weight on it, lift left foot, move foot forward; go to kitchen. You see how the algorithm works?  Now Thomas is in the kitchen

          Food in refrigerator: lift left foot, move left foot forward, lift right foot, move it forward, extend arm, open hand, touch refrigerator door handle, put palm on handle, bend fingers, close fingers, crook elbow, tighten muscles pull back.

          Thomas does as the algorithm dictates. The light of the refrigerator is on the front of Thomas.


          Bend body down from hips, lift head, look in. If you like pickles, lift right arm, open hand, move it forward

Put palm against jar, close…pickles no. If you like left over meatloaf lift arm…meatloaf no.

           Apple no, no, no, no and no, bend down farther, lift head, look in. If you like little brother’s slice of cake, chocolate icing, lemon custard filling, keep right hand open, turn to face up, move hand into refrigerator. Put fingers under dish, put thumb on top of dish, press fingers up, press thumb down, pull back elbow, stand straight. Look at cake, lick lips.

          If little brother cries “Somebody took my cake”, put fingers to cheek, open mouth wide push air up throat say “Oh no, who could have done that?”

          The narrator does this and looks to the audience and away from Thomas while Thomas stares at cake.

          If little brother says “You took it, I know you did. You knew it was mine too” put tip of your tongue back of your front teeth, push air, release tongue “To bad. You should have eaten it when you had a chance.”

          While the Narrator continues to look as speak to the audience, Thomas frowns.


          If little brother says  “I was saving it’ and tears come down his cheeks, suck in air, put lips tight together, push air “Poor Ba..’

          Thomas puts the cake back. He bends to look in refrigerator. The Narrator is surprised.


          Oh, oh…If you like apple, unbend elbow, push hand forward….

          Thomas has apple in hand, closes the refrigerator door and

steps away into the darkness.


          Watches Thomas leave and looks back to the audience. Yes, well,  There you have seen how logic and algorithm worked for Thomas. Thank you. My time is up.  Tighten right leg, turn foot, lifted  left leg, swing hip, push foot forward, put weight on foot…

          The Narrator walks out and exits.