Changing the meaning of f***

The meaning of the word fuck should be changed. Its definition is sexual intercourse. But the way the word is used never matches that; like oh he’s all fucked up or what the fuck do you expect me to do, what a fucking lie and so on. Many authors and playwrights depend on this word. But the word never fits the meaning the speaker intends. Take fucked up; how does two people having sex have anything to do with that person’s confusion. Fuck you as a threat is ridiculous because she or he would be the last person you’d want to have sexual intercourse. I think the dictionaries need to define fuck as clog. This makes sense; Fucked up would mean clogged up which would describe the mental state better. Fuck you would mean simply clog up. Without its reference to coitus, the word will lose its boldness, no doubt, but it is something we have to accept. Many words change meaning over the years. Look at cool; fuck will just be going the other way.

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