The Lemonade Stand

A ten minute play


                Two girls age 9 or 10. A women and two guys.

The set:

                A long table on the curb side, two chairs and a sign that says

                “Smoothies” On the table are a couple blenders, plastic cups

                and fruit, strawberries, oranges, grapes, bananas and others, a              pitcher of milk and a bucket of cracked ice.

Act I

        The two girls are arranging the fruit, see everything looks good they smile  sit down, their chairs about four feet apart. They hear steps look to the side and smile. It is their first customer. It is a man who has been jogging. He stops and smiles with what he see.


        “I’ll have one.”

First girl

        “Strawberry, Mango or Orange banana…or any of these.


        “Any one of these?  Nice choice. How about, oh, okay, how about  a Mango strawberry.

First girl

        Coming up.  The second girl stands, gathers the ingredient and proceeds to make the smoothie. She smiles as she hand it to him. He pays the first girl with a couple dollars, takes the smoothie.


         He takes a sip. Hmm, that is good. Very good. You’ll sell a lot of these. Have a good day now. Sipping his smoothie he walks away.

        The girls sit and wait for their next customer, hear the foot steps and smile as they watch a middle-age woman approach.


        She stops, pulls her head back as looks to the sign and then the fruit on the table. You’re not selling lemonade.  Girls, didn’t your mothers tell you?

        The two girls look at each other .

        A man approaches


        Look, they’re selling…smoothies? 

Business Man

        He too pulls his head back as he surveys the table. Oh no. . . Do you girls know what you’re doing? When you put up a stand like this, it has to be lemonade. That’s …well  that’s that’s American; the red, white and blue, baseball, John Wayne, apple pie and lemonade stands with a big hand made sign.

        The two girls look at one another.


        I mean look at all the flavors strawberry, mango, cherry they got here. Would you believe it? Here at a lemonade stand. Cherries and bananas….I mean they are good …. in their place. And those raspberries,  they belong in the patch. Not here.

        The two girls look at each other.

Business Man

        He looks up and down the table. His tongue pokes out and in the corner of his mouth. Hmm, I mean no, no. Ah,  there’s not a lemon on the table. None.


        Not one. She does a tuc sound and turns to the man. It’s the way they’re teaching kids in school these days. I swearSmoothies in a Lemonade stand, what will be next?

Business Man

        Tacos, who knows.

        The two girls look at each other


        Tocos, oh yes it would be something like that, wouldn’t it. And then fried chicken.   Her cell phones rings. She takes it out of her purse and answers. Yes, yesI’m on my way now. She walks away.

Business Man

        He watches her until she is off stage, looks the other way and then reaches for his wallet.

        Maybe ah, maybe you can fix me up a banana strawberry.

First Girl

        Coming up.

        As with the jogger, one girl makes the smoothie and the other takes the money.