The Feather

The Feather

This is a mime play with one character and a stage crew with somebody to drop the feather.

The set is a park with a bench or just a bare stage.

Leo is a sad looking character. As he walks onto the stage slumped and dejected.  He is looking down.  He has his hands in his pocket. Once he looks back as if he wishes somebody were calling to him. He stops, looks back again then starts walking again. The feather is dropping in front of him and he watches it as it flows and settles on the ground. He stares at it for a moment and then reaches down and picks it up.  He makes sure just to touch the shaft of the quill. Now he looked up into the sky. He looks this way and that. He sees the bird.

 He holds the feather up to show the bird. It does not notice. He lifts it higher and goes up on his tip toes. The bird sees him. Leo wags the feather in circles.  He comes down off his tip toes. He waves for the bird to come down. He does this once and again. Smiling he puts up his free arm crooked at the elbow making a perch for the bird. He watches it fly down. His arm dips a little as it lands on it. Leo now looks for where the feather came. He nudges the bird. He sees the spot. Carefully he inserts the feather. He pats it firm. He lifts his crooked arm up and watches the bird fly up. It goes straight up. Leo, brushes his arm. He smiles.

          This mime can have an one of two endings. He smiles and with a more lively step walks to the other side of the stage. Almost to the other side, he sees the feather flow down again or: Leo feels the splat on his head. He reaches up feels the bird dropping on his head, looks it on his fingers. And then as he entered, slumped and sad, walks off stage.