a play about after life

Is there life after death? Yes, of course. At the office of reincarnation there is a man who assigns people their new lives. Emil is to be dog. He doesn’t like that. “A dog,” he whines. Mildred, the old school teacher, is delighted to be a butterfly. Poor Melissa who died as a young girl is to become a sewer rat; Ugh!  Art who never succeeded as a salesman wants another chance as a human. He is destined to be a turtle. For him, however, there is hope. The ten people can trade their assignments and there is one who is to be a human again.

        Emil, You’re Going To Be A Dog is a great play for 12 students. Each will have a definite acting role and, while it might not be a good thing, anyone can steal the show. It is a play they will have fun performing.

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